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Investigation Update

Here & Now has the latest on the investigation of a thwarted terror attack in the UK.

A Future Shaped by Sunni - Shia Clash

Could Hezbollah's recent activities in Lebanon be one of many unintended consequences of the U.S. invasion of Iraq?

Parental Consent for Abortion

Requiring parental consent for minors who want abortions may become a major midterm election issue.

The Jill Carroll Story

Kidnapped by Iraqi soldiers in January and held for 82 days, American journalist Jill Carroll has remained silent about her experience... until now.

Bush Meets with Security Officials

Nearly a week after British officials thwarted an alleged terror plot, President Bush meets with counterterrorism and homeland security officials.

"The Maine Squeeze"

Producer Catie Talarski recently visited Peaks Island, Maine home of "The Maine Squeeze Accordion Ensemble," likely one of few bands to celebrate the accordion, known by some as "The King of Instruments." Here & Now brings you her story.

This program aired on August 15, 2006.

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