Show rundown for 8/18/2006

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Security Moms, Court Ruling on Wiretapping

A federal judge weighs in on domestic eavesdropping, and a poll says "security moms" might be rethinking which political party they support. We speak with John Harwood of The Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

Fixing FEMA

The head of FEMA gives a status report on the organization. Can the agency ever fill the need of a community wiped out by disasters?

Class and Health

A new study shows the middle-class Americans are more likely to suffer from a health-related disability than their wealthy counterparts.

Economic Check-in

President Bush meets with his economic team. We look at consumer confidence, gas prices, homes sales and more with economist Mark Zandi.

Terence Blanchard and "Requiem"

Jazz man Terence Blanchard comes in front of the camera in Spike Lee's documentary on New Orleans and Katrina.

This program aired on August 18, 2006.

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