Show rundown for 8/21/2006

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Bush Press Conference

President Bush gave a press conference this morning on Lebanon, Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and other topics. We'll have a report.

Internet and Child Pornography

We speak to New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald about his two part series "Dark Corners" which explores the new ways that the internet has become a tool for child pornographers.

Lieberman under Fire

Senator Joe Lieberman is coming under fire from Democrats such as Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for continuing to run in the race for Senate as an independent.

Why is the Sky Blue?

For an answer we turn to physicist Peter Pesic, who writes on the subject in his new book "Sky in a Bottle."

Chopin Nocturnes

Here and Now's music Tim Riley explores the work of classical pianist Maurizio Pollini who's released a new CD of Chopin Nocturnes.

"Babylon by Bus"

We speak to "Babylon by Bus" authors Ray LeMoine and Jeff Neumann who traveled to Iraq.

This program aired on August 21, 2006.

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