Show rundown for 9/1/2006

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Is Peace Possible in Darfur?

The three-month-old peace deal in Darfur, Sudan, is on the verge of collapse, and the United Nations Security Council has voted to deploy as many as 21,600 peacekeepers to the region. We'll speak with reporter Farah Stockman of the Boston Globe.

Language Log

The "Language Log" is an online hub where linguists trade thoughts on all aspects of language. Co-founder of the site Geoff Pullum discusses a book of excerpts from that site that has just been published.

The Green Side of the Golden State

California's state legislature will be the first state to impose a cap on all greenhouse gas emissions, including industrial-plant emissions. We'll speak to Jim Carlton, California based reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Listener Spotlight

We read letters from our listeners.

Katrina Survivors' Documentaries Online

Why is New Orleans worth rebuilding? We speak with Tim Ryan executive producer of the New Orleans Video Access Center, which has been working with local residents who have been documenting the devasation of Hurricane Katrina with video cameras and posting short films on the internet.

This program aired on September 1, 2006.


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