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News Round-up

Bush blasts critics over rules of interogation, Congressman pleads guilty to fraud in Abramoff scandal. Guest: Linda Feldman, The Christian Science Monitor

"Failure of Imagination"

A recent article in the Columbia Journalism review speaks about "failures of imagination" in the U.S. media covering the issue of torture.

Sarah Chayes

We hear more at length from Sarah Chayes about her experiences in Afghanistan. Chayes has just written a new book called "The Punishment of Virtue."

Ford Slashes More Jobs

The struggling automaker will cut more than 10,000 salaried jobs.

Tripod Dogs

What happens when Spot's leg goes bad?

Chris Smither

We speak to the bluesman about his career and his new CD "Leave the Light On."

This program aired on September 15, 2006.