Show rundown for 9/18/200611:19

This article is more than 14 years old.

Fallout from Pope's Islam Speech

The controversy began last week when the pope in a lecture quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor who had characterized Islamic teachings as "evil and inhuman."

Religon and Politics in Minn.

Minnesota voters have the opportunity to elect the first Muslim to hold a seat in Congress.

Whither Lobbying Reform?

We speak with the Christian Science Monitor's Gail Chaddock about a hot issue that has pretty much vanished from Capitol Hill.

Sarah Chayes's Afghanistan

We speak with the former NPR reporter who is now running a non-profit company in the war-torn country.

Cracked is Back

We speak with Monty Sarhan, the publisher of the revived humor magazine.

The New TV Season

What's up this fall for couch potatoes? David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun tells us.

This program aired on September 18, 2006.