Show rundown for 9/28/2006

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HP Hearings

We talk to a business week reporter who is covering the congressional hearings about "pre-texting," or gaining information under false pretenses, associated with the Hewlett Packard case. Guest: David A. Kaplan, senior editor Newsweek magazine

On the Docket

We look ahead to cases in front the Supreme Court when a new term begins next week.

Calls for a Citgo Boycott

Conservative groups are calling for a boycott of the gas from the Venezuelan-owned Citgo in response to Hugo Chavez's comments about Bush.

An October Surprise?

Blogs are abuzz with speculation that Bush adviser Karl Rove has a big October surprise planned.

A Conversation with Kenny Garrett

Alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett has long been drawn to Asian culture and music. His most recent CD, "Beyond the Wall" was inspired by a trip to China last year. Guest: Kenny Garrett

This program aired on September 28, 2006.

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