Show rundown for 10/26/2006

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Bush Signs Secure Fence Act

President Bush signs the Secure Fence Act of 2006 at a public ceremony this morning. The law calls for the construction of 700-miles in additional fencing along the border with Mexico.

Appeals for War's End

We speak with Navy seaman Jonathan Hutto, who founded, a website encouraging active duty military to contact their congressman to register their disapproval of the war in Iraq.

Older Recruits for Iraq

John Robinson is enlisting in the Army Reserve at the tender age of 40. We speak to Robinson and to John Pike of about the graying of recruits.

Spreading the Wealth

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank says colleagues should dip into their war chests to help other Democratic candidates.

Family of a Fallen Marine

Here & Now's Curt Nickisch spends some time with the family of Marine Second Lieutenant Joshua Booth from Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The young father was killed by a sniper in Iraq last week.

Conversation with a Cabbie

Radio producer Aaron Henkin recently spent some time scouring the streets with cab driver James Gantt. The long-time cabby has seen more than his share of Baltimore's underbelly, but has somehow managed to preserve his sanity.

This program aired on October 26, 2006.

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