Show rundown for 11/3/2006

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Bush on the Stump

President Bush is on a six day campaign swing. We'll speak to two people who will be in the audience as he speaks in Missouri and Iowa. And as the president's poll numbers sink, can the President bring out the GOP base on Tuesday? To find out, we speak with Steffen Schmidt of Iowa State University.

Who is Reverend Ted Haggard?

The reverend has resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals amid allegations that he paid a male escort for sex. Haggard denies the charges.

Fish Extinct

A new study conducted by ecologists and economists says fish from the sea will be extinct in 50 years.

The Breeder's Cup

Horse racing with Joe Drape from The New York Times.

Classical Broadcast

We mark the first national broadcast of S Barber's Adagio for Strings.

This program aired on November 3, 2006.

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