Show rundown for 11/8/2006

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Election 2006

Olive branches are being extended today in a bruising midterm election in which Democrats recaptured the House and are still waiting to hear about two key Senate races that could hand them control of the Senate as well.

Bernie Sanders Elected Senator

Vermont Voters elect the first ever Democratic-Socialist to the Senate. We hear from Senator-elect Sanders.

Reaction in Iraq

How are people in Iraq reacting to the U.S. election results? To find out we speak with Borzou Daragahi Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times.

Video Voting Problems

Doug Chapin of joins us to discuss some of the snags at the polls.

Voter Initiatives

Voters in 37 states weighed in on no less then 250 ballot questions yesterday.

Deval Patrick Makes History

Robin Young reflects on what Deval Patrick's election win might mean for an African American teenage boy she knows.

The Last Two Years

We explore hiw Democratically-ruled House will affect President Bush's last two years in office.

This program aired on November 8, 2006.


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