Show rundown for 11/17/2006

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Arrest Warrant Issued for Top Sunni Cleric

Iraq's Shiite-led regime issues an arrest warrant for a top Sunni cleric. We speak with Louise Roug of The Los Angeles Times.

Iran and Iraq Outlook

We speak with neo-conservative, Joshua Muravchik of the American Enterprise Institute, about what he thinks needs to be done in Iraq and Iran. Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, also comments.

A Story of Forgiveness

We speak to Janice Jackson-Burke of Philadelphia about her late son, Kevin Johnson, who forgave the attackers who shot and paralyzed him three years ago. Johnson died this week.

Parkour: Can You Defy Gravity?

Here and Now's Kevin Donovan explains parkour, also known as "The Art of Displacement" — a sort of gravity-defying extreme walking.

Flour Hotline

The King Arthur Flour company fields about 60,000 cooking emergency calls. If you have a question about cooking that turkey dinner, they're on the other end to help. We speak with Robin Sargeant who helped launch the baker's hotline.

This program aired on November 17, 2006.

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