Show rundown for 11/29/2006

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Maliki Memo

A memo prepared for President Bush by his national security adviser expresses grave doubts about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's ability to control the violence in Iraq. We speak with Robin Wright of The Washington Post.

Moqtada Al Al Sadr: A Threat?

Who is Moqtada Al Al Sadr? We speak with Michael Hirsh, senior editor of Newsweek, the magazine that calls al-Sadr the most dangerous man in Iraq.

Report: Public University Minority Enrollment Falls Short

A report by the Education Trust indicates public universities are falling short when it comes to accepting qualified minority students. We speak with Katy Haycock of the Education Trust.

Cellphone Filmmakers

Students at Boston University learn about making films on their cellphones.

Baba Brinkman Mixes Poetry and Rap

A dash of Chaucer and a scoop of Snoop Dogg from Baba Brinkman's book, "The Rap Canterbury Tales."

This program aired on November 29, 2006.

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