Show rundown for 12/28/2006

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President Ford's Comments on Iraq War

In a 2004 interview, the late former President Gerald Ford said he thought the war in Iraq was a mistake. We analyze the fallout from the remarks as President Bush meets with high level cabinet officials at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

"Enrique's Journey"

We speak with the author of the book "Enrique's Journey," about a young boy who travels across Central America and Mexico to the United States to find his mother.

Congress' Legislative Performance

Congress gets a grade of C minus for its legislative performance last year from the Center on Congress at Indiana University. We talk with the Center's research director, Ted Carmines.

Biggest Sports Stories of 2006

The head butt heard round the world, the doping scandal during the Tour de France, Andre Aggazzi retires and snow boarding takes off as an Olympic event. These are just a few of the biggest sports stories of 2006 that we talk about with Here and Now's sports commentator and host of NPR's "Only a Game," Bill Littlefield.

The Art of Whistling

We talk with world championship whistler Geert Chartrou and Kate Davis, co-director of the film "Pucker Up," about the art and science of what can happen when you put your lips together and just blow.

This program aired on December 28, 2006.


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