Show rundown for 1/8/2007

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Stem Cells Found in Amniotic Fluid

Researchers at Wake Forest University and Harvard University say stem cells can be taken from amniotic fluid with no harm to mother or fetus.

Will Congress Side With Bush?

As the nation awaits the President's plans for Iraq, we look at the congressional debates about funding and increasing the number of U.S. troops.

Mark McGwire

Will former Saint Louis Cardinal baseball slugger Mark McGwire make it into Baseball's Hall of Fame?

Inside the Ring

Welcome to the world of boxing. We hear an audio postcard from producer Charles Lane, who attended a boxing match in New York.

"Get Your War On"

Cartoonist David Rees used a different approach to criticizing the war: humor. Now his cartoon strip, "Get Your War On," is adapted for the theater.

This program aired on January 8, 2007.

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