Show rundown for 1/17/2007

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Congress Debates Bush's Increase of Troops

We take a look at the politicking on Capitol Hill as Democratic and Republican legislators debate how to respond to President Bush's intention to increase troop levels in Iraq. Gail Chaddock of the Christian Science Monitor is our guest.

Why Didn't Hornbeck Escape?

Police found Shawn Hornbeck who was kidnapped when he was 11-years-old in 2002. Authorities say Hornbeck did not try to escape his captor. What goes on in the mind of a missing child?

Unlikely Allies

They might have differing thoughts about how life on earth was created, but scientists and evangelical ministers announced today that will unite to protect our environment.

Wal-Mart to Promote Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Wal-Mart hopes the rooms of 100 million homes across the United States will soon be lit by fluorescent light bulbs.

The Kirov Ballet

Here and Now's Lynn Menegon went backstage to speak with the cast and crew of Russia's Kirov Ballet, whose members are touring the United States.

This program aired on January 17, 2007.

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