Show rundown for 1/25/2007

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Suspect Arraigned 43 Years After Crime

A former Mississippi klansman is arraigned in the case of two 19-year-old black men murdered in 1964.

Alexandra Pelosi's Road Trip

The daughter of Nancy Pelosi is a documentary filmmaker who gets behind the camera and heads for the road.

Charges Possible in Induced Abortion Case

Authorities say a Massachusetts women could face homicide charges resulting from taking a drug to induce a miscarriage.

Sports Update

A look at the big sports from the world of sports with Only A Game's Bill Littlefield.

Older Athletes

We speak with Sean Callahan of Geezer Jock magazine about atheletes from the senior set. We also hear from Rich Abraham, he's 61 and going strong.

This program aired on January 25, 2007.


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