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House Debates Resolution on Troop Surge

Congress begins debate on a non-binding resolution that would support the troops in Iraq but oppose sending more. We speak with Gail Chaddock of The Christian Science Monitor.

Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic, the space era spin-off of Virgin Atlantic, plans to send tourists on sub-orbital flights within the next three years.

Lebanon and Iran

Anthony Shadid of The Washington Post, talks about today's bus bombing in Lebanon and Iran's influence in the Middle East.

Mitt Romney's Michigan Ties

Mitt Romney goes to Michigan to announce he'll run for president. We look at Mitt Romney's Michigan ties with Nolan Finley of the Detroit News.

"Angel of The Garbage Dump"

We look back on the short and remarkable life of Hanley Denning, who helped raise money to educate the children whose families made their livings picking through the trash.

This program aired on February 13, 2007.