Show rundown for 2/14/2007

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Bush Press Conference

Newsweek's Holly Bailey joins us for a recap and analysis of this morning's press conference with President Bush.

A Time Honored Tradition

We take a closer look at the time-honored tradition of arranged marriage, which is vibrant in America.

Iranian Involvement in Iraq?

We talk to LA Times Baghdad correspondent Borzou Daragahi about the possibility of Iranian weapons in Iraq and the apparently fleeing of Muqtada Al Sadr.

Congress Debates Troop Surge Resolution

We hear excerpts from the House Resolutions debate on Capital Hill today over the the proposed surge in American troops in Iraq.

Modern Love

The New York Times "Modern Love" column has become a popular forum for discussing all matters of the heart. On this Saint Valentine's day, we talk to editor Daniel Jones and contributor Brendan Halpin.

This program aired on February 14, 2007.

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