Show rundown for 3/5/2007

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Lawmakers Hold Hearings on Walter Reed

Congressional hearings are being held at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington about conditions at the hospital.

"Chasing Justice"

More than 380 people have been executed in Texas since 1976. Kerry Max would certainly have been one of them, but after 21 years on death row, the state's highest court threw out his conviction.

Maine Mulls Lobster Laws

Should fishermen from Maine be allowed to sell lobsters they catch while dragging for fish? Lobstermen say no, but fishermen say yes.

An Early Spring Forward

Daylight Savings: clocks spring ahead this weekend, three weeks earlier than usual. And it's causing some concern in the business world. Paul McDougall of Information Week is our guest.

Jazz With James Isaacs

James Isaacs spins some new jazz releases — including one from sax giant, Sonny Rollins.

This program aired on March 5, 2007.

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