Show rundown for 4/2/2007

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Court Says EPA Can Regulate Car Emissions

High Court forces the Bush administration to take another look at regulating greenhouse gases.

The Pearl Project

An investigative journalism class at Georgetown University aims to find out who really killed Pearl.

Battling Cancer: The Story From Their Partners

We speak with syndicated health columnist Judy Foreman about her 11 year ordeal dealing with the cancer that killed her husband.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard

As the standoff continues between Britain and Iran, we check in with Brozou Daragah about the role of Iran's Revolutionary Guard in this diplomatic drama.

Passover Shmarah

As Passover nears we visit a bakery that hand makes special round, flat matzohs.

Tribal Fires

"Keeping the Fire in Dark Moon Times," a performance of stories, music and dance by Native Americans currently touring the country.

This program aired on April 2, 2007.


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