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Politics and Abortion

Lawmakers in South Carolina debate legislation that would require that women seeking an abortion be offered a chance to view an ultrasound image of the fetus. This as GOP candidates for president gather in South Carolina for a debate tonight and abortion will likely be a hot topic.

Covering Cuba

Gary Marx, who writes for the Chicago Tribune and is based in Havanna, is one of three journalists who have had their press credentials removed by the Cuban government. We'll find out why and what it says about covering Cuba.

How Good for You?

Health columnist Judy Foreman considers the research around vitamins and minerals.

Palestinian Sesame Street

Sesame Street returns to Palestinian TV today. We have a preview from reporter Daniel Estrin.

Kurt Andersen

He founded Spy magazine, he hosts public radio's Studio 360, and now he's written a big book that looks at New York on the eve of the modern era. We speak to the Kurt Andersen, author of "Heyday."

A Death in Iraq

Robin Young writes about the death of Andrew Bacevich who was killed this weekend in Iraq. First Lieutenant Bacevich is the son of Professor Andrew Bacevich, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, who has been a vocal critic of the war in Iraq and frequent Here & Now guest.

This program aired on May 15, 2007.