Show rundown for 6/1/2007

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Andrew Speaker Update

Robin Young speaks with Bobby Block of The Wall Street Journal about the latest twists in the story of the globe trotting attorney who has a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis.

On Being 16, Pregnant and Shunned

Robin Young speaks with Meredith Hall about "Without a Map," a memoir that dredges up the deprivation and grief Hall has dragged around for decades.

The Internet Primary

Robin Young speak with Wall Street Journal reporter Amy Schatz, who's been covering the online politics of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Inside GITMO

Moazzam Begg, a British Muslim who spent three years in U.S. detention, including two years at GITMO, shares his thoughts about a recent suicide at the facility.

Hasan Elahi's Life is Online

Listen to a conversation with an artist and obsessive record keeper who is documenting his life on his website. He says his project was inspired in part by his experience being detained following 9/11.

This program aired on June 1, 2007.


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