Show rundown for 6/5/2007

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Former Cheney Aid Sentenced to Prison

A federal judge sentences Lewis "Scooter" Libby to two and a half years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Ana Marie Cox, the Washington editor for Time magazine, shares her thoughts on the verdict.

What Motivates Women Suicide Bombers?

Listen to a conversation with reporter Tim McGirk, a Jerusalem-based reporter, whose writes for Time magazine about Palestinian women recruited for suicide bombings.

G-8 Preview

The G-8 Summit begins in Germany tomorrow. We speak with Lane Greene from The Economist about the issues that are expected to take center stage.

Wildfire Risks

Rose Davis, a spokeswomen for the National Interagency Forest Center in Boise, Idaho accesses the risk of wild fires and what homeowners can do to protect their property.

Insect Melodies

Robin Young speaks with Wil Hershberger, who along with Lang Elliott has collected the sounds of crickets, katydids and cicadas along with gorgeous pictures and facts in a new book and CD set called "The Songs of Insects."

This program aired on June 5, 2007.


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