Show rundown for 6/11/2007

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No Confidence in Gonzales?

Host Robin Young speaks with Rick Klein of ABC News about the controversy that continues to swirl around the attorney general and the status of a no-confidence vote.

Futurist Andrew Zolli's View of the World

The futurist uses demographic information to advise companies on how to stay a step ahead of future trends. Robin Young talks with Zolli about some of his predictions for the next decades and beyond.

Extraordinary Rendition

Listen to a conversation with Jerome Taylor of The Independent about extraordinary renditions. Last week, 25 CIA agents and one military officer went on trail in Italy for the 2003 abduction of a Muslim cleric.

Ciao, Sopranos!

After keeping America enthralled for 86 episodes, HBO's hit series, "The Sopranos," signs off with a bang, or a whimper, depending on whom you ask. Robin Young parses the last episode with Bob Thompson, professor of media criticism at Syracuse University.

"Stroke of Genius"

Dan Mountain was a successful ad executive when he suffered a stroke, a three week coma, and was given up for dead. But he emerged, and what he spoke inspired his friend musician Marc Black to set Dan's words to music.

This program aired on June 11, 2007.


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