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Stem Cell Veto

President Bush readies his veto pen for the third time — twice on the stem cell issue. The President plans to veto a bill that would have eased restraints on federally-funded embryonic stem cell research. Our guest is Rick Klein Senior Political Reporter for ABC News and Editor of's The Note.

How Doctors Think

Robin Young pays an office visit to Dr Jerome Groopman, author of How Doctors Think. Groopman explores the way doctors make diagnoses and how they interact with patients.

Virginia Tech Killer, Collector of Injustices

After hundreds of interviews, federal investigators have compiled a criminal behavioral profile of 23 year-old Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech student who killed 32 fellow classmates and faculty members in April. They call the profile, the Collector of Injustices - a person who feels wronged by society. We talk to Washington Post Editor Mike Semel about the profile, and how Cho tried to physically and mentally transform himself from being weak and withdrawn into a killer he called "Ax Ishmael."

Atlantis Gets Set to Return

We're joined by Pat Duggins to talk about the shuttle's most recent trip the the space station. Astronauts and cosmonauts did a lot of repair work. Will these repairs effect re-entry? Duggins is news director of WMFE and author of the forthcoming book, Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program.

Coco Fusco Takes on Torture

Performance artist Coco Fusco took a rigorous course on how to survive capture at the hands of the enemy in preparation for two performance pieces. In her most recent performance piece, she plays a female interrogator employing psycho-sexual tactics to ask questions about feminism and power in the post-Abu Ghraib era.

This program aired on June 20, 2007.


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