Show rundown for 6/21/2007

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Afghanistan: The Forgotten War

Afghans are increasingly feeling they are the collateral damage in the U.S hunt for insurgents. Sarah Sewall, director of the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard, tells us what accounts for the rise in violence and what to do to reduce it.

Tax Holdouts

Randy Weaver, the anti-government activist involved in the Ruby Ridge incident visits Ed and Elaine Brown, a couple convicted on tax evasion and are now in a standoff with federal marshals. We talk with Margot Sanger-Katz who's been following the story for the Concord Monitor.

Judiciary Hearings

We speak with Congressional Quarterly's Kenneth Jost about Senate hearings investigating the alleged politicization of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

This Week in Sports

The NFL tackles he problem of concussions, Sosa's 600th home run and new hockey uniforms for the Boston Bruins are just some of the topics we cover with our sports guy and host of NPR's Only A Game Bill Littlefield.

Tunes and Food for the Summer

We speak with James Isaacs, our jazz guy, and our favorite chef, Kathy Gunst, about food and music as summer rolls around.

This program aired on June 21, 2007.


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