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Terror Update

We check in with Carrick Mollencamp, London correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, for an update on the investigation into last week's foiled terror attacks.

The Great Outside

Remember when kids used to play outside in the summer? There's a push to return to those days...

Shut Up and Work

How much freedom do employees have to speak their minds at work? As a new book says: not much...

Simpsons Movie

Springfields across the country entered a contest to see which could make the best promotional short for the movie for the Simpsons movie...

Simpsons Movie

Springfields across the country have entered a contest for the best promotional short for the movie. Here and Now's Chris Cuffe visited one of the contestants ...

Chad Vader

Creator George Lucas offered fans a chance to create their own Star Wars films on the web, and he tabbed one of them as his favorite ...

This program aired on July 5, 2007.

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