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Today NASA is expected to discuss two startling reports of astronaut behavior and worker sabotage. Love triangles and drinking while flying are the major issues that are to be reviewed. Frank Morring of Aviation Week and Space Technology is our guest.

Crazy in America

We talk with Mary Beth Pfeiffer, author of "Crazy in America: The Hidden Tragedy of our Criminalized Mentally Ill," about the reason why so many mentally ill Americans wind up in trouble with the law and the often tragic consequences that await them if they are sent to prison.

Identity Fraud: Chocolate and Maple Syrup

When is chococlate...chocolate? Maple syrup...maple syrup? Important questions connected to "FDA DOCKET # 2007P-0085. We find out more from Robert Earl, senior director for nutrition policy at the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Firing Away at a Fundraiser, Literally

The Manchester, New Hampshire Republican Committee is holding a unique political fundraiser next week... a machine gun shoot, at which attendees can fire off Uzis and other automatic weapons at a firing range. Our guest is Jerry Thibodeau of the Manchester Republican Committee.

Cooking Lesson

We listen in as Here and Now resident chef Kathy Gunst hosts a class by nationally recognized cooking teacher Molly Stevens. Molly takes her students through the preparation of a four-course meal.

This program aired on July 27, 2007.


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