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Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Jack Rice, a reporter for CBS radio in Minneapolis, fills us in on the latest on the bridge collapse in Minnesota where emergency crews have resumed cleanup and recovery work.

A Question of Infrastructure

Thomas Rooney with Insituform Technologies in St. Louis and Richard Stehley, a bridge and concrete expert with American Engineer Testing in Minneapolis, assess the general state of infrastructure in the U.S.

Lessons from Afghanistan

What are the lessons the U.S. military can learn from the failed Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989? To find out, we turn to Army Major Daniel Morgan, who is studying the issue.

The Week in Sports

Only A Game Bill Littlefield on what is going on in the worlds of sports. There have been big trades in both baseball and basketball. Meanwhile, baseball's Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Tom Glavine remain on the edge of breaking the records they are chasing.

Linda Ronstadt at 61

The one-time queen of the LA rock scene is a long way from the cover of Rolling Stone. She has a catalogue stretching from traditional country to Mexican Folk tunes to Big Band music.

This program aired on August 2, 2007.