Show rundown for 8/3/2007

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Congressional Report Card

As Congress races to conclude its summer session, Gail Chaddock, Capitol Hill correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, tell us if the Democrats have made any progress on the big issues they have vowed to tackle.

Tom Ricks on Iraq

Ricks' book "Fiasco," about the war in Iraq, is now out in paperback with a new postscript. The Washington Post reporter says the war has only gotten worse in the year since his book was first published.

Bridge Collapse Update

Authorities in Minneapolis say eight people remain missing after the collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge. Five have been confirmed dead and nearly 80 are injured including Suzanne Blundell, who was in her vehicle when it plunged into the river.

Listener Letters

We read a selection from the Here & Now mailbag and e-mail inbox.

Planet Prince

The reclusive and eccentric pop star's newest CD, "Planet Earth," landed in the Top Ten this week. Pop Culture critic Renee Graham joins us to talk about His Royal Badness.

This program aired on August 3, 2007.

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