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New Immigration Rules

Strict new immigration rules are expected to go into effect any day now. These rules would force businesses to fire employees whose Social Security numbers do not match up with federal records. Antonio Olivo of The Chicago Tribune updates us on the changes.

"Crucible of Terror"

Radical Islam has grown dramatically in Southeast Asia, turning the region into what some experts are calling a "crucible of terror." Zachary Abuza, professor of Political Science at Simmons College and author of "Militant Islam in Southeast Asia" talks about this disturbing trend.

Medical Ethics

We speak with bioethicist Arthur Caplan about two recent cases concerning brain-damaged patients: A surgeon is accused of hastening the death of a patient in order to harvest his organs, and electrodes restore one man's ability to speak, eat and move.

The Elderly and Humor

A recent study finds that people over 65 were not as good at joke comprehension as college students. Humorist Jerry Novack, who is 82 and performs comedy in the Saint Louis area, offers his perspective on what tickles the funnybones of senior citizens.

Lone Cranberry

Dolores O'Riordan was an MTV video star with millions of records sold and a demanding touring schedule. We talk with the former member of The Cranberries about getting off the treadmill to have a family and about her solo CD, "Are You Listening?"

This program aired on August 8, 2007.


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