Show rundown for 8/9/2007

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Bush Press Conference

President Bush held a surprise news conference today. Bush discussed the economy, tax cuts and about political progress in Iraq. For more on the press conference and the debate over progress in Iraq, we turn to Bob Deans, national correspondent for Cox Newspapers.

The Campaign Trail

With primaries less than four months away, we check in on the campaign trail with Holly Bailey of Newsweek in Iowa and Rick Klein of ABC in Washington who discuss, among other things, South Carolina moving its Republican Primary to January 19.

"Why Men Are Babies"

We speak with Peter Moore, editor of Men's Health magazine. His magazine features a story that is titled "Why Men Are Babies" that deails some of the reasons men are so reluctant to seek medical advice when they need it.

Big Dig Manslaughter Charge

Massachusetts' attorney general has delivered the first indictment related to the fatal Big Dig ceiling collapse last year. We speak with Fred Thys, who has been covering the story for WBUR.

Megastar Plays Falling Star

In the new fantasy film "Stardust" Claire Danes plays, literally a fallen star. She talks to Here & Now's Renee Graham about the film, which is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, and about her career.

This program aired on August 9, 2007.


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