Show rundown for 8/16/2007

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Army Suicides

A report being released by the Pentagon today shows the highest rate of suicide among active duty members of the U.S. Army in 26 years. A quarter of the soldiers who killed themselves did so while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The New Cold Rush

There is a race at the top of the world to lay claim to the oil and gas that lie beneath the ocean and perhaps gain control of potentially lucrative shipping lines.

British Leaving Troubled Basra

Basra continues to deteriorate as Shi'ite militias fight each other in the street and British forces come under daily mortar fire. Major Charles Heyman, senior defense analyst for, talks about the security situation in the southern Iraqi province.

The Week in Sports

The week in sports as only Only A Game host Bill Littlefield could bring it to you. This week's topics include soccer star David Beckham making his first goal for his U.S. team and NBA referee Tim Donaghy pleading guilty to charges of betting on basketball.

Elvis Marathon

On this 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, we revisit the New Las Vegas Marathon. Here & Now's Karyn Miller-Medzon talked to several of the approximately 75 Elvises...or "Elvi," as they like to call themselves, running the race.

This program aired on August 16, 2007.


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