Show rundown for 9/12/2007

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Bush Mulls New AG Pick

The Bush Administration may be close to a choice for a new attorney general.

One Marine's Reaction

A Marine shares his thoughts on his boss' testimony to Congress.

Homecoming: A Soldier Returns

For one family in Waltham, MA the war in Iraq is over...for now.

"Full Frontal Feminism"

We talk with Jessica Valenti, a 28-year-old blogger on the frontline of modern feminism.

Doctors Hopeful for Everett

The fate of Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett is looking a little brighter.

Rogues Tooth Fairies and other Absurdities

Did you know tooth fairies live in colonies like ants...and have a use for all those teeth they collect?

This program aired on September 12, 2007.

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