Show rundown for 11/5/2007

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Turmoil in Pakistan

We get the latest from Shahan Mufti, correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor in Pakistan.

The Devil in Darfur

Former Marine Captain Brian Steidle went to Sudan armed with a camera and a pen to document the violence-plagued western Darfur region.

Southeast Drought

The southern states are in the midst of their worst drought on record and the region's water resource officials are scrambling to meet the growing demand for water.

Managing Pet Pain

Producer Diane Toomey profiles Lisa Moses, a veterinarian at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, one of the few vets in the nation who specializes in the management of animal pain.

"Life of Pi"

A new, illustrated edition of the 2001 best-selling novel is out.

This program aired on November 5, 2007.


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