Show rundown for 11/6/2007

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Pakistan Update

Pakistan's chief justice is speaking out as more clashes erupt over the imposed state of emergency.

What is Waterboarding?

To find out, we speak with journalist, author and CIA expert Ron Suskind.

Extraordinary Rendition

Listen to a conversation with Stephen Grey, report on the new Frontline/World documentary "Extraordinary Rendition," which airs tonight on PBS.

Too Much Stuff

We speak to Dr. Gail Steketee about what people can do to make sure they don't become compulsive hoarders.

Money and Genes

If you find your credit card debt mounting, you may be able to blame your mom.

Napoleon Revisited

A new MFA exhibit features more than 200 decorative pieces from the years when Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France and much of Europe.

This program aired on November 6, 2007.

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