Show rundown for 11/15/2007

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Airline Security

The House holds a hearing to discuss air transportation safety after the GAO issued a report showing that investigators were able to carry bomb components through airport checkpoints.

Hidden Costs of Iraq War

Harvard professor says that besides the daily and monthly cost of the war, there are billions, even trillions of dollars, the US will have to spend after the war is over.

Cloned Monkeys

Scientists in Oregon have successfully cloned monkey embryos to harvest stem cells.

Major Soccer Cup

This weekend is the Major Soccer Cup and Only A Game's Bill Littlefield is anticipating it.

Norman Mailer Remembered

We speak with a Massachusetts woman who remembers meeting a 19-year-old soldier on a train in the 1940's.

Bringing Art to the Third Ward

A group of artists have helped revive a derelict neighborhood in Houston's Third Ward.

This program aired on November 15, 2007.


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