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Super Tuesday Analysis

We look at the results of Super Tuesday, divisions within the Democratic party along race and gender lines, and the road ahead for the presidential candidates with Gerald Seib. He writes the Capitol Journal column for The Wall Street Journal.

Counting Delegates

What next for the frontrunners? Five hundred delegates will be awarded in voting contests in the next week. We speak with Democrat Tad Devine, former strategist for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004; and also with Republican analyst and Boston Globe columnist Todd Domke.

Recession Road Trip

As talk of a recession looms what are entrepreneurs thinking about their place in the economy? We talk with Fortune magazine editor-at-large David Whitford who went on a seven city tour of small town America to take the pulse of small business people. We hear from one of the folks Whitford met along the way, Stephanie Wollman, who runs a variety of start-ups in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Tornadoes in the South

At least 47 people were killed across the south last night and this morning, as tornadoes ripped through Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We hear from Julie Oakes, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, on how the state is responding to the damage today.

Adventure Racing

Most people would try to avoid swimming in an alligator infested swamp: adventure racers compete in them. We speak with Jennifer Shultis, captain of the Eastern Mountain Sports adventure racing team about the sport. Adventure races take place in obscure locations, cover hundreds of miles, often through jungles and rivers, and test not only athletes' physical prowess, but strategy and teamwork as well.

This program aired on February 6, 2008.

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