Show rundown for 2/7/2008

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Romney Suspends Campaign

Speaking before the Conservative Political Action Committee today, the former Massachusetts governor essentially conceded the GOP nomination to his chief rival John McCain Dan Payne, Democratic analyst for The Boston Globe, tells us why Romney's White House bid failed.

Economy and Politics

Where do the candidates stand on the major economic issues like tax cuts, health care, market regulation, and stagnating middle and working class incomes? David Leonhardt, business and economy columnist for The New York Times.

Romney Suspends Campaign

Highlights from Romney's speech ending his presidential bid, and analysis from Republican political analyst for the Boston Globe Todd Domke.

Severe Weather

Dozens of people are dead as a result of severe weather this week. Devastating tornadoes tore across five southern states, while floods and snow are hammering the midwest. For some perspective, we're joined by Ed Kieser, chief meteorologist at WILL Radio and TV in Urbana, Illinois.

This program aired on February 7, 2008.


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