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Are the political rivals in Kenya close to a deal that might end weeks of post-election bloodshed? Our guest is Andrew Cawthorne, Kenya bureau chief, Reuters News Agency

Music and Memories

Rob Sheffield, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone Magazine, tells the story of his relationship with Renee Crist, and the music that brought them together. Sheffield's book, "Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Story at a Time" tells their story through the mix tapes he and Renee made for each other.

Bhutto Investigation

The late Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan Peoples' Party is rejecting a Scotland Yard investigation into the former prime minister's death. Scotland Yard has concluded that Bhutto died from the effects of a bomb blast - not gun shots. The report confirms President Pervez Musharaf's own investigation. The BBC's Owen Bennett Jones joins us with more.

Loreena McKennitt

Canadian singer-songwriter Loreena McKennitt is up for a Grammy award this Sunday. Her CD, "An Ancient Muse," which took inspiration from McKennitt's travels to Greece, Turkey, Mongolia, and China, was nominated for Best Contemporary World Music Album.

This program aired on February 8, 2008.


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