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Castro Resigns

Ailing 81-year-old Cuban leader Fidel Castro is resigning as president, after almost 50 years in power. We speak with Ray Sanchez, Havana correspondent for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, about the reaction in Cuba, and with Gary Marx, former Havana correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and visiting fellow at the Kellogg Institute at the Universtiy of Notre Dame, about what's next.

The Cost of Our Meaty Habits

In the wake of the largest meat recall in U.S. history, we turn to geophysicist Gidon Eshel of the Bard Institute, who has researched the environmental costs of the nation's and the world's growing appetite for meat.

State of Science

A conversation with Dr. David Baltimore, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1975 for his work on the genetics of viruses. His research focuses on HIV/AIDS and we talk to him about the possibility of an AIDS vaccine and the future of stem cell research and other topics.

Lincoln Museum

President Lincoln spent much of his presidency living at the Soldiers Home, not the White House. He had daily contact with wounded soldiers, and on his way back and forth to the Capitol he passed the encampments of runaway slaves and even saw the poet Walt Whitman. A new Lincoln Museum opens at the Soldiers Home today and we speak with historian, Matthew Pinsker, author of "Lincoln's Sanctuary."

Lori McKenna

The Stoughton, Massachusetts singer- songwriter stops by our studios to talk about her album "Unglamorous", her life as the mother of five children, and how her career has taken off since her music was discovered by country superstar, Faith Hill, back in 2005.

This program aired on February 19, 2008.

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