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Show rundown for 2/25/2008

This article is more than 15 years old.

The Governors and the President

The nation's governors are meeting today with President Bush and congressional leaders to push for an economic stimulus package for their states. The president already signed a measure that will send rebate checks to millions of Americans and governors want a piece of the pie. We get details from Eric Kelderman of

The New Cold War

The West is making a mistake if it thinks Russia is becoming a "normal" country. Edward Lucas of the Economist Magazine says the Kremlin is fighting a new cold war with cash, natural resources, diplomacy and propaganda instead of military power.

Campaign ང

John McCain won all the delegates in Puerto Rico's caucuses this weekend, but his campaign remains tangled up in efforts to move from public to private funding. On the Democratic side, both the Obama and Clinton campaigns are in full swing ahead of the crucial March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio. Our guest is Jonathan Allen, of Congressional Quarterly's

The Post-Birthday World

We revisit a conversation Here and Now's Deb Becker had with author Lionel Shriver. Shriver's best-selling novel "The Post-Birthday World" comes out in paperback tomorrow. The book tells the story of Irina, a woman who's in a committed relationship, and is tempted to go off with another man, but it does so with a twist. Shriver writes both futures: if Irina stays with one or leaves with the other, simultaneously. "The Post-Birthday World" (

A Craving for Caving

In Trelewis, Wales, there's an artificial caving system with 164 meters of tunnel with twists, crawls, squeezes, and even an underground waterfall. Producer Karen Given spent an afternoon inside Great Britain's first man- made cave, and has our report.

This program aired on February 25, 2008.

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