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Bush Push

President Bush is asking House Democrats not to stand in the way of an intelligence bill that would make it easier for the government to continue its warrantless domestic eavesdropping practices during terrorism investigations. The president took questions at a press conference today, ranging on the economy to domestic surveillance and US relations with Russia. Our guest is Joe Williams of the Boston Globe.

Thin Democracy?

We speak with author and activist Frances Moore Lappe about democracy in the US and about how citizens can and are changing the conversation.

Student Loan Fallout

The mortgage market collapse has effected other parts of the economy — like auto loans, credit card debt, and now student loans. Chicago Tribune Personal Finance Columnist Gail Marks Jarvis explains how students can deal with the tightening credit market.

The Week in Sports

We discuss the start of baseball's spring training season, the Roger Clemens investigation, NBA superstar LeBron James' 10,000th point, and the work of the late, great sportswriter, W.C. "Bill" Heinz. Our guest is "Only a Game" host, Bill Littlefield.

Drinking Again

Though the late Johnny Mercer is best known for such songs as "Moon River", he had a darker side. Here and Now's jazz aficionado, James Isaacs, explores what he calls Mercer's saloon song trilogy: "Days of Wine And Roses", "One For My Baby (And One More for the Road)", and most particularly Mercer's less well known song, "Drinking Again" which has been interpreted by artists from Frank Sinatra to Rod Stewart.

This program aired on February 28, 2008.

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