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The Middle East

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in the Middle East trying to restart the peace process after the latest round of fighting. Israel launched a military offensive after Hamas' rocket strikes into Israel, from Gaza. We speak with Steven Erlanger, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times.

Ads on the Brain

With today's presidential primary contests in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont today, the candidates probably wish they could read the minds of voters. Now an emerging technology called Neuromarketing could give candidates that edge. Scientists turned marketers are monitoring the brain activity of individuals in the lab to see which ads spark interest and which fall flat. Our guests are Dr. Stephen Sands of Sands Research, who uses neuromarketing technology. We also speak to Roger Dooley, who publishes the Neuromarketing blog.

Clean Teams

Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay terrorism suspects are concerned that evidence obtained through waterboarding or other harsh forms of questioning will be "sanitized" so it can be admissible in the detainees' upcoming military trials. We speak with former military lawyer and Duke University law professor Scott Silliman about the so-called "clean teams" that have gone to Guantanamo Bay to re- interview detainees under kinder and gentler questioning.

Cool Science Experiments

Want to extract your own DNA? Pull the iron out of your food? These are just two of the neat science projects in "How to Fossilize Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments for the Armchair Scientist."

Is It A Memoir?

The author of a best-selling memoir of her life during the Holocaust admits her story is a hoax. We speak with Jabe Daniel who published Misha: A Memoir of the Holocaust Years. The author, Misha Defonseca says Daniel convinced her to write the memoir. Defonseca and her co-author won two multimillion dollars suits against Daniel. Now research has shown that Defonseca's memoir is a fraud. We speak with Jane Daniel about her role in this complex story.

This program aired on March 4, 2008.

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