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Jerusalem School Shooting

Hamas militants in Gaza are claiming responsibility for an attack at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem that left eight students dead yesterday. It was the first deadly attack in the Israeli capital in four years. The gunman was a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem who had an Israeli ID card. We speak with Gideon Lichfield of The Economist.

The Bloody Shirt

It could be called America's first war against terrorism. More than 3,000 blacks and their white allies in the South were killed during a bloody insurgency in the decade after the Civil War ended.

Primary Problems

Democratic party leaders are huddling to come up with an answer on what to do about Florida and Michigan. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) punished the two states when they moved up their primaries by taking away their seats at the DNC presidential nominating convention. But with the primary contest so close between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, there's a move to find a way to get delegates from those states seated at the convention. Our guest is Jim Roosevelt, Co-chair of the DNC Rules Committee.

Letters and Sports

Your thoughts and our conversation with Only A Game's Bill Littlefield.

Leon Fleisher

After over 30 years in which he did not have the use of his right hand because of a neurological movement disorder, acclaimed pianist Leon Fleisher has recovered enough of its function to return to recording and performing. This week he is performing Beethoven's Concerto Number 5 with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and we caught up with him after a rehearsal.

This program aired on March 7, 2008.

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