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Intelligence Oversight

In another rollback of Watergate-era government reforms, President Bush has issued an executive order that strips the Intelligence Oversight Board of much of its duties in keeping an eye on illegal activities by spies. We speak with Boston Globe reporter Charlie Savage.

Hats and Eyeglasses

Though she grew up around gambling, Martha Frankel, was largely immune from its lure, until she was in her mid-forties and discovered poker.

Lieber's Code

It was the first general code of war time conduct, and it influenced others, including the Geneva Convention. It was commissioned by a Union general in 1862 to help figure out how to deal with Southern insurgents who were mounting hit and run attacks on Northern forces only to melt back into civilian life. The writer? A Gatsby-like, Prussian-born veteran of the Napoleonic wars who was also a self-made American scholar with sons fighting on both sides in the Civil War. Our guest is David Bosco, assistant professor at the American University School of International Service.


We read listener letters.

Pat Metheny

Jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny, has a new CD out. It's his 35th album in 33 years. We take a listen to Day Trip with the artist.

This program aired on March 14, 2008.

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