Show rundown for 3/21/2008

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Thousands of Chinese troops are engaged in a manhunt for protestors wanted in connection with last week's riots in Lhasa, Tibet.

Olympic Protests

Ever since the 1936 Olympic summer games in Berlin when Adolph Hitler used them to showcase his theory of Aryan supremacy - politics, protests, and the Olympics have been inseparable. Joining us to explain why is Alfred Senn, professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of: "Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games."

Presidential Politics

From the Barack Obama passport records breach to the fading hopes for Florida and Michigan re-votes and John McCain's foreign policy fumble we wrap up the week in politics with John Harwood, political writer for the New York Times.


Only a Game's Bill Littlefield joins for a conversation about the NCAA Tournament and the other sports news of the week.

The Manga Bible

It's a Bible for the 21st century told in the form of the Japanese comic style known as Manga. A conversation with Agibayo Akinsiku, creator of, "The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation."

This program aired on March 21, 2008.

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