Show rundown for 4/3/2008

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Airline Safety

Two federal aviation inspectors who blew the whistle on missed inspections at Southwest Airlines and allege a too-cozy relationship between the FAA and airlines will testify before Congress today. We speak with Alexandra Marks of The Christian Science Monitor.

The Presidential Race

The Pennsylvania primary is April 22. Host Robin Young found Republicans feeling left out of the whole political conversation and Democrats still undecided.

Green Collar Jobs

What is a green job and is an economy based on green jobs pie in the sky? Doctor Roger Bezdek, an energy and management consultant who studied the issue for the American Solar Energy Society, says the jobs are here already.

This Week in Sports

The NCAA Final Four, the upcoming NBA Playoffs and a sweet story from the start of Major League Baseball are up for discussion this week with Bill Littlefield, host of Only A Game.

"Shine A Light"

In his new documentary, Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese captures the Rolling Stones in concert. We get a review from Here & Now pop culture critic Renee Graham.

This program aired on April 3, 2008.

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