Show rundown for 4/4/2008

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We have the latest from Zimbabwe with Neiman Fellow Andrew Meldrum.


What does the stuff we throw out say about us? We speak with New York University anthropologist Robin Nagle, who has spent several years studying garbage in New York City. In fact, she is the New York City Sanitation Department's "Anthropologist in Residence."

Bush-Putin Meeting

President Bush wraps up his trip to Europe with a weekend meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Peace Symbol

The peace symbol turns 50 today. Not many people remember that it was created for anti-nuclear protests in post-World War II England. We speak with Ken Kolsbun, who's co-written the book "Peace: The Biography of a Symbol" for the National Geographic Society.

MLK and Boston, 1968

We look back at what happened in one American city after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here & Now's Bob Oakes speaks with two men about what happened in Boston, April 5, 1968. James Brown was scheduled to sing that night and the city's mayor, fearing violence, wanted the concert cancelled. But the show went on.

This program aired on April 4, 2008.


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