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Veterans' Suffering

According to a study by the Rand Corporation, nearly one in five veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from psychological disorders like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. And many returning service members are reporting that they experienced a possible traumatic brain injury while on duty.

Dirty Tricks in Presidential Campaigns

How dirty can a political campaign get? Author Joseph Cummins has done the research and it's laid out in his new book, "Anything for a Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots and October Surprises in U.S. Presidential Campaigns."

Polygamist Wife

The custody hearing continues today for 416 children taken by the state of Texas. The children were taken earlier this month from a fundamentalist Mormon ranch where underage marriages are alleged to have taken place. We speak with former polygamist wife, Anne Wilde, one of the leaders of Principle Voices, an advocacy group for polygamy rights.

Matzoh Marathon

The Boston Marathon is Monday, which also happens to be the second day of the eight days of Passover. For those participating in both, there's a conflict: Marathons call for loading up on carbs like bread and pasta, while these same foods are forbidden during Passover. We speak with Adam Sherer, an observant Jew who will be running the marathon fueled on matzoh and rice.

Poetry Everywhere

April is national poetry month and the National Poetry Foundation has launched "Poetry Everywhere." It's a project to introduce people to poetry through a series of short films that will be available online, in transit systems, and as a quick break on local PBS stations. Students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee produced 15 animated films. We speak with project advisor, Liam Callanan, and student filmmaker, Caitlin Christman, about putting poetry on film.

This program aired on April 18, 2008.


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